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Our daily

  The Keren's day-to-day operations

To alleviate poverty, we act in several ways, in coordination with social workers.

• Distributions, to more than 110 families, of food vouchers, with in parallel, orientation towards job search services (independently or in collaboration with Qualita and social services)
• Payment of bills for basic needs, i.e. electricity, etc.
• Purchase of essential belongings such as, shoes, coats, blankets; windows replacement; repair of vehicles essential to the person, etc.
• Support for psychological tests and supply of basic necessities for disabled children.
• Support during the school year for private lessons for children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in order to give them a better chance for success in their studies and therefore of having a better future.
• Sending large families from the South of Israel whose social services told us about their daily difficulties living in very small, overcrowded apartments during the confinements, to adapted and ventilated structures for a few days of relief.
• Participation in the management of short vocational training courses which concretely lead to finding jobs.


  The Keren actions in times of crisis (war)

• At each war a crisis unit is activated to respond to the needs of the moment.
• During the intifada, we multiplied aid operations, sent many children living in threatened villages or border villages (mainly) and who could hardly leave their homes for a week.
• During the various conflicts, Lebanon, Gaza, we supported the families of the South and the North as well as our soldiers in many ways: supply of food, new underwear, organization of barbecues for the soldiers on the outskirts of Gaza, supply of board games to children spending most of the day in shelters etc.

Keren Ner Le Ketty constantly receives requests from social workers to solve difficult cases.

We check very quickly that these are one-off cases and we do our best to respond to them immediately & efficiently, without encumbering ourselves with long and complicated administrative procedures.

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