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Examples of inquiries


Dozens of new families have been added to the list of people who need our help to spend these holidays with dignity.

Indeed, these 2 years of Covid that we have just experienced, have weakened many of ours.
We are sending you this appeal for donations so that we can all together spend the Passover celebrations in joy and serenity.



Help for Passover 

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !



Rav David M. de SDEROT needs food aid for families in Garin Torani. (the Keren had bought food stamps last year)
He wants to help 14 families, at the rate of 1000.00 nis per family (with an average of 5 people per family). So it's 14,000.00 nis.
he would like these vouchers to be distributed no later than Purim
Here is the list of families he established to give us an idea of the number of people...of course the names are confidential
Thank you all for your help.

Food request

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !



Urgent .... Request for food
A couple with 6 children, one of whom is autistic
The father is disabled on dialysis. Received a kidney transplant. His health deteriorates: he does not work.
The mother works in a school as a helper in several areas and is also a transport guide. The fridge is empty !
6 children including one autistic
The social worker asks for food aid, if possible before Shabat, of 1200 nis
Please reply quickly,
Thank you ! 🧡

Food request

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !


Yonit Good afternoon,                                                                                                                      25.12.2021

                       I'm coming to help the family buy an oven.

                       Family details:

               The mother,  38 years old, single parent of Ethiopian origin, with three children ages 13, 4 and 3 needs an oven.


She lives in a rented apartment with her three children. She pays rent of NIS 2,500 (excluding charges such as electricity, water, gas, etc.).

She works in a hostel and receives a salary of NIS 4,000. She receives no help from any other source, does not receive help with rent or child support.

Absent father does not pay child support.

The financial situation of the family is very bad. The mother does her best to support her family with dignity, but her financial situation often overwhelms her.


Due to her embarrassment about her financial situation, she usually did not come to ask for help, but recently she asked for help to buy an oven.

She provided a price quote from the store: “Semi-Free Electrical Products Ltd. (Beit Shemesh Branch) NIS 1,790 (attached). Mother can participate up to NIS 100.

Therefore, I will ask to help her as much as possible so that she can participate in the amount of 100 NIS.

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !


Buying an oven

Beit Shemesh Municipality.

Department of Welfare and Social Services



Att.: "Ner Le Ketty" association                                                                                                                                            20/12/2021


Subject: Mr. ninth'  ID. 123456789 from H. Street, Beit Shemesh


        The T. family consists of a single mother and five children, from three different fathers. All the children live with her.


Mother: T., born in 1985, does not work

The children: Five children aged 18 to 2 years old.

Family history:

The family has been cared for in the service for several years, around economic issues and psychosocial difficulties.


The mother is divorced for the third time, experiencing social problems in her marriage. She is in a complex financial situation, her income at the moment only comes from social security and has no help from her ex-spouses.

This person turned to us for help fixing the windows in their home. During a home visit, I was present to find that in one of the rooms there was no window and the shutter was broken. Because of this, the room was freezing and the rain was entering it.


In addition, one of the panes of the living room window is broken, the cold is terrible there and the rest of the broken pane represents a real danger for the young children of the house.


After examination by a professional, the following distributions are necessary:

• In the bedroom - installation of a new window + aluminium, + glass, + installation of a rolling shutter. The shutter and the window, both 1.5 meters in size, a total of 4.5 meters.

• In the living room - replacement of glass for a window, without aluminum, about one meter by one and a half meters. In the sliding window, the wheels are broken therefore, a rail must be replaced and wheels changed.


Total cost after negotiation and explanation of family situation 3200.00 NIS.

Name of professional - c. Systems. (Tali 052-1234567) -


T. The mother can pay 400 NIS on the total amount.


I appeal to you to help this family given its financial and family difficulties,

Thanks a lot for your help,

Mayan A

Family social worker

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Repair windows

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !


Maalot Municipality




       Hello Yonit,


As discussed on the phone, I urgently request assistance for Mrs K.


She is a mother of two small children. For two months, the father has been under house arrest in another city until the end of legal proceedings following domestic violence.

he mother needs help to pay for her daughter's food at the nursery school in Maalot.

The payment amount is 1,246 NIS. Will you pay part of the amount.


The money is transferred to the collection service of the municipality of Maalot, which is responsible for the nutrition area in the city's kindergartens.

waiting your reply,

M - social worker

Domestic violence

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Keren Ner Le Ketty

Done !


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