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Shevet Ahim

For many years, due to the proximity to Gaza, the civilian population of Sderot has suffered numerous rocket attacks.

espite the return of an apparent fragile calm, the inhabitants of this city continue to suffer on a daily basis from the deterioration of their living conditions.


The Keren Ner Le Ketty was at the initiative of the development and the opening of the Restaurant of the Heart "Shevet Ahim" with the goal of:

• Feeding people in difficulty.

• Encourage these people to leave their homes despite the alerts.

• Enable them to meet every day in a friendly setting.


October 8, 2013: This restaurant of the heart, "Chevet Ahim", the only one in Sderot, is inaugurated and distributes about fifty meals every day.

October 2015: a fire destroys the premises (built in prefabrication) with all the equipment.

May 2023: by the merit of generous donors, the premises are rebuilt larger and distribute 100 meals a day.

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