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Support for the residents of Sderot

During the last operation in Gaza, our group of volunteers went to Sderot. Avihaï, responsible for the Center of Chesed (social assistance) of the city, gave us an assessment of the situation. The state of the city is catastrophic: many buildings are partially or completely destroyed.

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Then we visited large families, isolated and sometimes even immobilized by fear.

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We thus showed them our moral support. We also offered toys to children who can no longer go to their schools, which have been closed since the start of the war.


Then we went to meet the elderly to check if they are isolated and if their condition requires, in these difficult times, additional assistance, personal care, medication, and other needs. We submitted a detailed report of their situation to the Department of Civil Defense.


At the food distribution center, we helped make packed lunches and made an initial donation of 12,000 shekels. The visit of all these volunteers from outside was particularly appreciated by the population and the young volunteers of Sderot.


The emotional distress of all, from the smallest to the largest, is immense; your generosity allows the Keren Ner Le Ketty to lighten it.

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