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About us

Ketty Zal., A young mother of three, died in 1996.

Her family and friends then decided to continue the mutual aid and solidarity actions she had undertaken by creating an Israeli social assistance fund: KEREN NER LE KETTY.


The main mission of the volunteer members of Keren Ner Le Ketty is to relieve poverty on a daily basis.

Today, COVID has only made the distress worse.

The association is non-profit and all (100%) of the donations received are devoted to the actions carried out. All of Keren's administrative costs are borne by its volunteers.

In coordination with social services, the Keren Ner Le Ketty grants, thanks to the generosity of its donors, regularly provide critical support to needy families and the elderly: food aid, clothing, medical and dental care, purchases of heating and blankets, support schools, etc.


During the holidays and school vacations, special actions are organized: summer camps, subsidy of summer camps, purchase of toys, as well as 'mishlo'hei manot' to the soldiers and more.


Keren Ner Ketty volunteers are also in conflict zones to support and help local populations, victims of terrorism & to entertain and support our soldiers during short leaves near the theater of operations.


During the last Intifada 300 children have benefited from a week's free stay in several summer camps that we have organised.

During the confinements due to Covid 19, we supported sending large families from the South of Israel, living in small, cramped apartments, to adapted and ventilated structures for a few days of respite.

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