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Support for children at the Chantal Carray Center

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The Chantal Carray Center is located in Jerusalem, in the heart of a sensitive neighborhood, inhabited by many underprivileged families.


The children who attend the Center all come from these families in great economic difficulty and some of them do not even have enough to eat!


The origins of the families are diverse – Ethiopia, Russia, Morocco, Yemen... Some parents or guardians do not speak Hebrew. Most of the children encounter integration difficulties related to the socio-cultural poverty of their family.


The Center is committed to the welfare of each child, starting with their material well-being.

The children arrive at the Center daily as soon as they leave school, around 1 p.m., and stay until the evening. Keren Ner Le Ketty subsidizes hot lunches and afternoon snacks, which supplement their basic nutritional needs.

They receive homework help from education professionals and participate in various activities supervised by monitors.


The center welcomes children from 6 to 12 years old and teenagers from 13 to 18 years old.

More than a simple humanitarian structure, the Center is a real center of life for the hundreds of children who visit it regularly.

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