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On Saturday, October 7, 2023, Israel was brutally attacked. Many soldiers and civilians fell, were wounded or kidnapped. Many kibbutzim and villages were ransacked.


Since 1948, Israel had never experienced such a massacre. The horror is at its peak, more than ever we must show solidarity.


For 27 years,  Keren Ner Le Ketty team intervened in all crisis and war situations with populationsLocality, for example: distribution of food, essential hygiene products, evacuation of the elderly, families, activities with young children, distribution of computers to young people in the south, and more...


Let's act together, your financial support is essential to us

100% of your donations are used for our operations, without any management fees

Donations in Israel (35% of your donation will be deducted from your taxes):

Bank details: 

Keren Ner Le ketty, Bank Hapoalim 12, Branch 748, Account 032339


Please email us ( the amount of your donation as well as your email so we can send you the tax receipt  according to section 46.

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